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Lead Screws : Supernuts


Lead Screws : Supernuts

Thomson BSA® precision lead screws are an excellent economical solution for your linear motion requirements. For more than 25 years, Thomson BSA has designed and manufactured the highest quality lead screw assemblies in the industry. Our precision rolling machines ensure accurate positioning to 0.003 in/ft and our PTFE coating process produces assemblies that have less drag torque and last longer.



XC Adv Anti-Backlash

The most advanced Anti-Backlash nut design available.  Featuring the unique patented ActiveCAM™, which accomplishes high axial stiffness, zero backlash and the absolute minimum drag torque.Learn more about XC Advanced Anti-Backlash >

AFT Adv Anti-Backlash

A low cost solution for light load OEM applications.  Offers smooth movement and low drag torque for axial loads up to 10 pounds.  The AFT anti-backlash collar automatically adjusts for wear for the life of the nut.Learn more about AFT Advanced Anti-Backlash >

MTS Flange Mount

Offering all the load capacity and efficiency you would expect from our anti-backlash designs without the complication of a backlash take-up mechanism.  Easy to mount with convenient integral flange.Learn more about MTS Flange Mount >

SN Thread Mount

This is the one, the original red Supernut®.  These standard SN Thread Mounts have proven themselves for the past twenty-five years, and provide a high performance lead screw solution in a compact envelope.Learn more about SN Thread Mount >

SB Thread Mount


Thomson's classic Supernut is now available with metric mounting threads.  Offered with our metric screw line sizes from 10 mm to 24 mm, the nut is colored black to easily differentiate it from the SN inch versions.

Learn more about SB Thread Mount >


BN Bronze Thread Mount

Bronze Nuts can carry significantly higher load than plastic nuts, making them perfect for heavy duty applications. Thomson BSA® uses SAE 660 bearing bronze for the best combination of load capacity and lubricity.Learn more about BN Bronze Nuts >

Lead & Acme Screws

A great lead nut can’t perform without a top quality lead screw.  Our screws feature accurate positioning to 0.003 in/ft, and our PTFE coating process produces assemblies that have less drag torque and last longer.Learn more about Lead & Acme Screws >

V-Thread Screws

Offering the ability to achieve very high positioning resolutions.  Advancement per turn can be as small as .0125 inches which makes them good for applications and places where fine adjustment is critical.

Learn more about V-Thread Screws > 





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