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LinearRace Shafting


LinearRace Shafting

Unlike common shafting, Thomson 60 Case LinearRace® shafting is manufactured to the highest quality standards in an ISO9000:2000 registered facility.  Our techniques are continuously upgraded with proprietary know-how gained from over 53 years of linear bearing design and manufacture.  Using 60 Case® LinearRace shafting with Thomson Ball Bushing bearings ensures optimal bearing performance and travel life.




60 Case Standard Shafting

For over 50 years, Thomson has been producing precision linear Shafting for Thomson Linear Ball Bushing and other Thomson applications. We offer the widest range of inch and metric shafting, support rails, and support block in the market today.Learn more about Standard Shafts >

60 Case Quick Shafting

Thomson 60 Case® Quick Shaft is pre-cut and packaged stock length shafting in popular industry standard Inch and Metric sizes - oil preserved and placed in a VCI bag for long-term storage and labeled for convenience.Learn more about Quick Shafts >

Aluminum Shafting


Thomson Ultra Light Aluminum LinearRace® shafting is a lightweight alterative to standard Thomson 60 Case in plain bearing applications.  With the advantage of being 65% lighter, our Ultra Light aluminum shafting also offers superior corrosion resistance for washdown and submerged environments.    

Learn more about Ultra Light Aluminum Shafting >> >


Special Machined Shafting

For over 50 years, Thomson has been producing precision linear shafting for Thomson Linear Ball Bushing bearings and other Thomson applications. We offer the widest range of inch, metric, and special machined shafting.Learn more about Special Machining >

Shaft Support Blocks

Shaft support blocks are used for end or intermittent support where loads are light and slight shaft deflection is not a concern.  Choose from three different types: low profile, standard, and flanged. (Metric/Imperial)Learn more about Support Blocks >

Shaft Support Rails

Support rails are used for continuous shafting support and can be used horizontally or vertically.  They are available in low profile steel and standard aluminum with or without predrilled holes.  (Metric/Imperial)Learn more about Support Rails >

Shaft Rail Assemblies

Thomson shaft rail assemblies and low shaft rail assemblies offer easy installation of your linear race.  We mount the solid steel shaft or lightweight tubular shaft to the support rails which are ready for instant bolt-down installation.Learn more about Shaft Rail Assemblies >

Waymount Supports

Waymount supports are designed specifically for use with the RoundWay® bearing.  Two or more can be used to provide intermittent support and adjustment along the length of the shaft.

Learn more about Waymount Supports > 





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