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Controller CA01-M05 for Compact Cartesian Coordinate Robots




Controller CA01-M05 for Compact Cartesian Coordinate Robots

Equipped with functions required for cylinder operation, such as limiting torque, area output, and separate deceleration and acceleration settings.


24V DC rated 3A power: For energy-conscious customers!!

When the previous model with 16-mm diameter air cylinder and 100-mm stroke is operated for 2000 hours per year, it usesapproximately 142.6kWh of power. The BA-C model, on the hand, uses the CA01-M05 controller. it averages 1.5A at 24V DC rated 3A power. When operated for 2000 hours per year, it uses 72kWh, can power costs by almost half!


Torque control function: For customers who want smooth multi-point positioning!

The torque control function enables pressing force without damaging the workpiece. *Torque control is a function of the CA01-M05 controller.


Area output function: For customers who want to control peripheral devices during operation

The area output function enables control of peripheral devices during robot operation for improved tact time.


Expansion support for previous BA-II series: For customers who want to use in combination with previous modeles (BA-II)

Control and combination is possible with the previous BA-II Series models.




Compatible robot COMPO ARM BAC Series
Controller model CA01-M05
No. of controlled axes 1
Motor capacity 50 W
Control system Semi-closed loop control
Teaching method Remote teaching, direct teaching, or MDI
Speed setting 8 steps (adjustable)
Acceleration setting 8 steps (adjustable)
No. of point tables 15
Recording system EEPROM (rewritable 1 million times)
Movement mode Point mode
Special functions Torque control function
Emergency stop input Included
Zero sensor input Included
Regenerative function Not included (support possible by external unit)
Dynamic brake function Not included
Mechanical brake drive output 24V DC - 0.4 A or less (for non-excitation activation type holding brake)
Forced release possible by brake release switch (SW1)
Protective functions Hardware errors Sensor error, drive power supply error, EEPROM error, 
overheat error, and more
Software errors Overspeed, overload, position error exceeded, and more
Warnings Drive power disconnected
Dimensions 31 (W) x 146 (H) x 89 (D) (not including screw protruding sections)
Status indicators Status LED (LED1) indicator
·Normal mode (SW2 is set to 0)
Normal mode
Servo OFF: Green (solid) Servo ON: Green (flashing)
Drive power OFF: Orange (solid) Battery power low: Orange (flashing)
Power cutoff request OFF: Red (solid) Error: Red (flashing)
System input 24 V 7 mA, 10 points
System output 30 V max. 100 mA, max. 8 points
Communication function RS-232C x 1 channel (9600 bps) for computer software SF-98D
Control supply voltage (Note 1) DC24V ±10%
Drive supply voltage (Note 1) DC24V ±10%
Control power capacity 0.25 A
Drive power capacity Rated 3 A based on combination axis type
Ambient conditions Operating temperature range 0°C to 40°C
Operating humidity range 90% or less (no condensation)
Storage temperature range -10°C to 85°C (no condensation)
Storage humidity range 90% or less (no condensation)
Environment Indoors (location not exposed to direct sunlight)
Location not exposed to dirt, dust, corrosive gases, or flammable gases
Location at an altitude of 1000 m or less
Vibrations/Impact 4.9 m/s2 or less / 19.6 m/s2 or less
Weight Approx. 0.25 kg






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