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High-performance master units




High-performance master units

Up to four axes can be controlled simultaneoisly. It is used as the master unit in a single-axis to four-axis system. 
Two-dimensional and three-dimensional linear interpolation, circular interpolation and pass functions are available. Useful forwork, attaching importance to axis loci.



No. of controlled axes 1-axis control or simultaneous control of up to 4-axis by connecting slave units.
Control system CP control, PTP control, semi-closed loop control
Interpolation 3-dimensional linear interpolation and circular interpolation
Encoder signal Line driver communication
Teaching method Remote teaching, direct teaching or MDI
Speed setting Speed: 10 steps (variable)
Acceleration setting Acceleration: 20 steps (variable)
Operation method Step, continuous, single
Operation mode Sequential (multitask) (Note 1),
Palletizing, Easy, External point designation
No. of programs Sequential: 16, Palletizing: 16, Easy: 8
No. of program steps Max. 2500 steps (Note 2)
Coordinate table Each task: 999
No. of counters 99
No. of timers 9
Memory EEPROM (without battery)
CPU 32-bit (RISC CPU, SH7051)
Self-diagnosis function CPU down, memory error, driver error,
master power voltage error, program error, etc.
Alarm display Error indicator LED_and teach pendant
External input 4 system inputs and 20 general-purpose inputs
External output 4 system outputs and 12 general-purpose outputs
Communication function 1 CH (RS232C), shared with a teach
Extwnsion I/O Extension unit: 24 inputs and 16 outputs
One unit can be connected with a master unit.
Power supply for driving
external device
Output power supply is not available.
(Power is supplied externally.)
Emergency stop I/O No-voltage input (contact input) and relay C contact output
Master power voltage DC24V±10% -0.5A (externally supplied)
Noise conditions 1500Vp-p, pulse width 1μs (by noise simulator)
Ambient conditions Room temperature 0 - 40°C, humidity 30% - 90% RH, non-condensing and no corrosive gas present.
Dimensions 25 (W) × 160 (H) × 134 (D)
(excluding metal fixtures)
Mass (kg) 0.4


Note 1: Multitask: UP to four task (one task only for axis control) are available.
Nate 2: Varies with a mode to be used.






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