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PC800 Series Digital Brushless Servo Drive

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Drive/Motor Combinations

This table contains recommended pairings of Pacific Scientific PC800 Drives with
PMA and S series brushless servomotors. In matching the PC800 family with its
brushless servomotors, Pacific Scientific engineers analyzed real-world motion
control applications and optimized the windings for maximum system performance.
The combination of Pacific Scientific motors and drives results in higher performance
and efficiency, delivering more - from .5 to 48.5 Nm - continuous usable torque in
your application.

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The NEW PC832 Digital Brushless Servo Drive


The PC800 digital brushless servo drives are the drives you've been asking for -the
cost-effective, small servo with the best lead time in the industry. The PC832 Series
is the newest addition to the PC800 line. Forty percent smaller than the 900 Series,
and with three power levels and multiple command interfaces, including preset
motion indexing at no additional cost, the PC800 offers a great value for your drive
investment -- and all available for shipment within days. Add rugged, PLC-like
optically isolated I/O and you'll see why this next generation of drives from the
people who originated the all-digital servo drive is right for you.

PC832 Performance Features~

  • 2.7A RMS continuous, 5.3A RMS peak output power
  • All-digital DSP-based
  • Standard analog and digital interfaces
    • Step/Direction Digital interface-position or velocity control
    • Preset moves using an internal profile generator
    • ±10V Analog interface-velocity or torque control
    • Quadrature encoder digital interface-electronic gearing follower
  • RS-232/485 serial interface - allows programming with an IBM-compatible PC

Cost effective small servos with the best lead time in the industry.

Pacific Scientific's new PC800 servo drive is engineered to help your bottom line.
It offers high performance and broad functionality in a compact package at an
economical price, with one more key advantage - the shortest lead time in the

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